FOUND Some Foreclosures, NOW WHAT ????

I have found some Single Family Homes in foreclosures in Columbus area which are as new as 2002 built and also 15 year old. New builts manily people who bought more than they could afford and not can not afford to pay due to changes in their life , interest rate, taxes or whatever.

Bottom line is that these are bank owned properties. People who brought this to me saying that these do not require much work. You know how that goes :slight_smile:

My Q is How do I go about doing the math and see if this is profitable?


hi sunny, my name is tinu and im interested in the real estate game. i am an RN major and i have lost interest, however, im tryng to meet someone to enlighten me about this business.

Hi Sunny,

What are you planning to do with them? Wholesale? Retail? Rehab and Retail?


Tinu: how far are you along in your RN training. Unless you have some cash, good credit you might need to make some bucks until you are fairly far along in your investing business. RN’s are at a premium right now and in the foreseeable future. Sorry you’ve lost interest but what are your options? One can endure most things if one’s goal is clearly in mind.


I am not sure if I understand retail correctly.

Whole sale – Selling without doing anything. As per your earlier email. We need to buy property at lot lower price that 70% of ARV

I can consider Rehab


Too bad that you are loosing interest in RN. i agree with Richard, RN is hot right now and is going to remain hot for a while. I am in IT Consulting business and am seriously considering bringing in Nurses from india.