Hello all...i guess you guys/gals inherited another wet behind the ears Newbie. The name is Glenn and i'm from the NewEngland area. Oh yeah and i like to think of myself as not the ordinary Newbie. Reason being? It's been Ballz to the Wallz with my dedication....i.e reading books,researching properties online,trying to learn about the financing aspect as well.

 So a couple of weeks ago when i was kinda down in the dumps a bit. So while browsing key words one day on REI .i stumbled across this site. I was totally blown away!!! I mean at that point i was so over reading books. There were forum's about me"Sponge"that jumped right out. But thats not the best part....there were actually well seasoned REI experts helping and guiding, and i couldn't believe it.

 My first thought was that there was some kinda hidden agenda. But there wasn't and for those of you that just don't know how much you've helped me. Thanks!

 Remember when mom would ask you what you wanted to be when you grew up? And when you told her she would always say"Make sure it's something you love" I was looking at a $ family in Worcester(suburb of Boston) and it was listed for $146k. 1st and 2nd units had 3bed. while other 2 units had 2 beds. So after using some of the tips i read....did rent comps in that immediate area and they are between $900-$ i could do with this REO?

Welcome to REI Club!

What is your current situation? Your finances, living situation, education? If you share a little with us, experienced investors and landlords will give you advice.

Don’t jump too high too fast. First you need a plan, and that has to be based on where you are today.


Welcome to the group!

Good advice here from FD. Take it slow.
Work your plan.

Don’t try to do too much and don’t risk too much at first.

The best way to get great experience while keeping your
risk to just a few dollars is through wholesaling.

You’ll figure out what a good deal looks like and what to walk away from through wholesaling.

When you’ve done a handful of good wholesale deals, you’ll be ready to move on and we’ll be here to help!


Great day Glenn!

I also noticed in your post that it’s way too fast. I mean, things should be done slowly but surely. Just take it one step at a time especially when it comes to business plans and stuff.

Wish you the best Glenn!