Found ad in paper does this sound like a investor or birddog?

I was browsing the paper and i ran across this ad

Buyer/1st time investors. Put a contract on 1 or all of these 20 properties.You can buy it or assign the contract. $10,000 -$100,000 cash referral fee paid at closing, resell,rent out or keep. Owner financing considered.

Now my ? is does this sound like investor throwing out leads/deals or is it a birdog looking for investors to bite his leads…

Iam unsure can anyone shed some light on this for me thanks

I am guessing this person is a wholesaler, not a rehabber or flipper.

I saw the exact same ad (Chicago Trib?). I actually called the 3# and it was already disconnected! :wink:

That is where i also saw it at…

What part of IL you from

I live in Chicago. I am a newbie to the field but hopefully will be making my first wholesale in the next few weeks to a month. Are you in IL?

I’m also from IL. Are there any forums that are focused on IL???

Sounds like an investors trying to flip his properties or a wholesaler trying to get investors to buy the property.Or birddog looking for investors to bulid up his investors pool. The only way to find out for sure is to ask the person.