Found a GREAT refinishing company

I came across a company that paints wall tile, tubs, counters, and cabinets. The best I have EVER seen. The tops come out looking like granite. They gave me a 3 year warranty too. They even have a company specially make edging to make flat edged tops look like granite. They are the only company ANYWHERE who has it.

The referral came through a friend. To find out, the owner also owns Logan Property Investment Co. and gives commercial rates to investors.

The companies name is Amerikote (not in yellow pages). They work the tampa area but travel countrywide for large jobs.

If you want the number message me. I am so excited because the counters getting painted saved me the money of a new backsplash.

Many companies will do that same thing and give a 5 year warranty. If you only got a 3 year, then they didn’t give you the best deal possible. Don’t be fooled to believe anyone is “the only one”, that’s the biggest con on the planet.