Found a good deal, Not sure if I have enough time though. What to do??

I found a distressed seller who has two properties.
The first he is trying to get 99k and forecloses on Apr 16th. He owes 90k. He has lived in this house for 10 years apparently it got a condemnation notice because there is a huge hole in the backyard, that he has not filled in, but he still lives there. House needs about 10-15k to make rent ready. Completely rehabed homes are going for 275-325k

Second house he is trying to get 145k for. he owes 112, plus another 12 in backpayments, penalties and lawyer fees. This house forecloses on Saturday. This house is rent ready. Comps are also 275-325 for completely rehabbed houses.

What should be my next move? They both foreclose very soon, so I don’t think I could wholesale them? What options do I have here, I have never bought or delt with a foreclosure.

Any help is appreciated.