found 6 boarded up houses HELP

i found 6 boarded up houses i spoke with all the neighbors on one house she said it has been empty for 6yrs. the 5 others we’re in the 2-3 yr range. i’m trying to find out how and where to find out where these owners are. also is the assesor site a good source to find that info? if not what’s the best way. thanks to all replies

You can find any address online through the County Appraisal District sites.

the name to these people who own these homes or whatever i can’t seem to get. what is another way?

The county tax records are public information and always state the record of ownership. They almost always have an online site for tax info and document searches. You could also try “County Records” “County Clerk’s Office” or the County GSI mapping site (if they have one).

Are you having a problem finding the web site for property tax records or have you found the site, entered the addresses, and had nothing come up? If it’s the later of the two, try dropping the street ending (i.e.; St. Rd. Blvd. ect) when you enter the address. This is what I have to do in my county. Also, some properties won’t have a street address (usually vacant lots but not always), they will only have a “Parcel” number. To find the Parcel number use the county GSI mapping site to get the parcel number and then go back to the property tax site and enter that number to find out the owners name and address if the GSI site doesn’t give it.

It sounds to me like these properties may have some sort of serious problem that is keeping people from buying them (perhaps liens or EPA stuff) - do a county document search to see what has been file against them.

Hope this helps.

Boarded up houses are excellent wholesale prospects! 1st go to the Tax assessor site. You might also need to look at the public records. Go here to find the assessor & public records websites.

If you still can’t find the owner, you will need to hire a skip tracer.

I’m in the same boat. I’m a Realtor out in Los Angeles. I pulled the property profile and tax records, however still no luck. The mail keeps coming back to me with no fowarding address. What is a skiptracer and how can I find one.

If you have the owner’s name and a previous address (even if it’s an investment property), you can try a service such as