Found 26 distressed properties......

so what would be my next step. I’m new to this and am trying to get started out wholesaling. I want to make at least $5,000 in the next month or less. What should I do now that I’ve done my own birddogging and found plenty of distressed properties. Should I work on finding motivated sellers first or build a buyers list first?

In my humble opinion you need to find the owners of these properties, lock them up, then get your buyers lined up. I do not know where you live but in the DFW area investors are a dime a dozen. If the numbers are right for the investors you should have know problem making at least 5k in ther next 3 weeks. Let us know how it turns out!


How would I go about finding the owners. I’m about to become a member of my local R.E.I.A so I know how to find buyers. Just need to contact owners. Someone, Anyone with advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and thanks robert for you advice.

The best way to start tracking down owners is by using property tax information. I live in Detroit, MI and the property tax info is available free online.

Where do you live anyway?

I wish you much success in your new venture!


I live in Dayton, OH. How do I find out if its offered free in Dayton?

Are you in Montgomery county? Here is the web address:

Click on “Real Estate Taxes”

you can also try - although I could not get the page to load when I tried.

Hope this helps!

MRI-what site are you using for Detroit? The city website that I am aware of was last updated in 2002!

thanks MRI. I did that and found all of the owners names and a few of the owners actual addresses but a majority of their current addresses were still listed as the abandon homes. What should I do now?

you should send a letter anyway, maybe they put a change of address in & it will still get forwarded. if it comes back as forwarding order expired you might want to try to develop a relationship with the letter carrier for that street$$$. he /she may have the forwarding address on file. P.S. i know this because i am a letter carrier & this is how attorneys and courts track down people. to make it easier there are web site that also charge a small service. i can’t remember any off hand.anybody wanna help me out 8)


I am using the following sites:

these three sites…plus a fair amount of detective work!
It takes time and patience when you are using these sites since you are limited in how you can search (without paying a fee).


Hey kimdrake and MRI,

How are you guys. I am from the Detroit westside area as well and I am having problems with my HML. I am using a small lending company, Advance Funding, and I submitted info on the house I have on contract around 2 weeks ago and the HML haven’t got back with me yet. I am serious about contacting another HML. How do I find a good and fast HML I can contact. Your help will greatly be appreciated. Thank you.


Hi Walt,

Sorry, I haven’t used any, so can’t recommend a good one that way.

A man named Wayne Turner with RealFi goes to a lot of the REIA meetings. His phone number is 248-886-0000.