I was told there was several different type of formulas depending on what the A R V guide is, does that mean theres a different formulas for every counties in each states?? i dont understand…help me how

There are a million formulas that I have heard and read about and every body claims to have the holy grail of buyer rules. Dont believe any of them they are a great way to get yourself in a bind. Formulas dont take into account any market variables.

Do your own homework find out things like:

How much will the property be worth after repairs?
How much will repairs be?
What amount of time should you expect the home to be on the market?
What is the short term forecast of your market?
What is the longterm forecast of your market?

There is alot of information that you need to make a buying decision, as a realtor I will usually tell my investors

  1. This is what I can sell the house for
  2. This is how fast I can sell it
  3. You tell me what your repairs will be
  4. You tell me how greedy you are
  5. Then we make an offer based on the responses

Formulas are for math 1+1= 2

In real estate 1+1= anything

Eric Medemar