Formula for amoritization

Is there a basic formula to calculate amoritization over x amount of years at x%?
Sorry to ask I’ve been looking, maybe just not asking the right question…


I think I need to give more info.
Current mortgage is 269k @ 7.14% in 1999.

I’m not sure what the seller owes at this point in time.
btw. ARV is 460k

You would need a financial calculator, real estate calculator, or amortization table to get it.

Alternatively you can do it online on one of the website such as:

The real data calc is cool and free!

BTW, if the point is calculate what the seller currently owes from the '99 balance, then your answer is… WHO CARES!!!

By your figures, you already know that there is at least $200K in equity. Using the good old 70% rule, you’d be at $322K max offer.


Thank you

Since you’re in the foreclosure forum you need to know the month/year they initiated the loan and the month/year they stopped making payments (check the NOD or lis pendens).

Assuming March of 1999 to March 2006, they still owe about $250K.