Does anyone know where I can purchase Sales Conctracts in the state of Califoria? I know I can get downloadable ones but I am looking for the ones that come in triplicate. Thanks…

Ask a friendly Realtor where they order theirs…how many do you need?


Maybe 10 to start with…I have a couple of properties that I am looking at.

Are you now or have you ever worked with a Realtor? Are you related to a Realtor?


Ive seen them at office supplies stores- I think it was Staples

I heard that the forms you get from the realtor, are geard more toward the realtor and his company as opposed to the investor. Can any comment on that?

Yes, I’ll comment on that. Remember one thing: HE WHO WRITES THE CONTRACT HAS THE POWER. Every REI needs to completely understand Contract Law if they wish to succeed in the biz. Occasionally, I’ve had to use a REALTOR’s contract, but I ensure I put my exit clauses (AKA weasel clauses) in them. Over the years, I’ve taken the time and expense to create my own, using the best of what the gurus had to offer. It’s a trial/error thing until you find someone successful in the REI biz that will take you under their wing. LEARN CONTRACT LAW.

David is correct.

Under rules of contract construction.
The hand written governs over the type written.
The type written governs over the preprinted.

Just a few of the procedure’s that are good to know.


I think that as long as we both continue to be right, we’ll end up being good buddies. I also think that we may end up buying each other a case of beer occasionally, on those rare times when one of us may be wrong; and become even better buddies. Let’s touch base during the week, if for nothing more than good banter.

Thanks for the great information. I’ll remember that when I get an actual property!!
noob in florida

Can contract be written in plain english or do they have to have all those complicated words? ;D

Im going to be taking a contract writing course but it would be nice if I could just write something that is easy to understand for everyone. Can I do that?


In all actuality, a contract can be written on a napkin, and as long as it has all of the required entries and is executed between two parties that can legally enter a contract, it is valid.

All of the legal gobbledy-gook has been added to protect one side against the other…and a lot of local and state laws dictate certain things that must be included.

To answer, yes, it can be made simpler but make sure it is reviewed by a lawyer specializing in real estate contract law to insure that it includes all essential elements…


Ok, Thanks Keith

i need two contracts. one is a bilateral contract between me and my buyer. the other is a purchase agreement between me and my seller with a strong weasel clause that i can assign to my buyer. if you know the essential elements, what are they?