Forms or Templates

Hello Everyone,
I have been put into an excellent opportunity to learn but need some asssitance. A family member in a different state would like to invest in Rental Property in my city. I will be the Bird Dog for them and have gotten a quick idea of what they are looking for and what they are looking to spend.

Now what I would like to do is know if anyone has generic forms, excel spreadsheets, or anything I can use so when I look at prospective investments I can weed out the ones that won’t be profitable, as well as something I can write up to send to them on a breakdown of the possible properties.

I would appreciate any help on this and you can send me a private message if you like.

Thank you.

Most of the forms that you seek can be found here at this link

What type of investing will your relative be doing?

They are looking to purchase a single family home so they can rent it out and get passive income from it.