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Im not exactly sure which forms or contracts I need to start flipping propertys. I went to a office supply store today and theres just so many of them. Can someone please tell me which forms I would need to start flipping propertys? Theres just so many, but for now im just interested in the forms I would need to flip a property. Im sorry if this is a dumb question or if I just asking for to much .;D I just dont want to get into something big, without the proper forms or contracts to cover my @$$. ;D
Thank you all for yalls time and advice.

                                                 bjlongoria ;)

Howdy BJ:

Can not tell your location from your post or account profile. Here in Texas I use the Texas Real Estate Commission earnest money contracts available on line or at local title companies or Realtors. There should be a Real Estate Commission or something where you live too or even title companies. I know some states do not have title companies and I do not know what they use. Hope this helps some.

Good luck and thank you,
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HI Ted,

     Thank you for the advice.  Im from the corpus christi area but now live in Texas City.  Its a town about 35 mins south east of Houston and about 20 from Galveston.  Thank you again so much for the advice.  Your advice always helps.