Forms for assignment/double closing

Where do I find the forms for an assignment and double closings? Any suggestions?

Talk with a RE attorney in your state or ask other real estate investors in your state what they use.

Exactly, talk to a lawyer in your area that is familiar with the type of deals you will be doing. Ask them if they can do a simultaneous closing. Ask guys in your reia groups who do they use. You can get some good contact this way. :beer

Any Real Estate Attorney should be able to help you out with this, but if not be sure to ask some of the investors in your area they usually will have assignment forms on hand. There is no special form for a double closing. A double closing is getting the A-B under contract, which is you and the seller. Then once you have a buyer, you contract it with you being the seller, which would be your B-C transaction. Your B-C contract is the same as your A-B, except on the A-B your the buyer and on your B-C your the seller. Hope this helps! To your success!