Forming LLCs

In order to form a LLC do I need to consualt with an attorney or an accountant and what are the fees that I would have to pay?

Either can help you form an LLC. A trust however, needs to be done by an attorney.

Cost varies per professional. Shop around.

you question specifically asks if you need them to find out the fees - definitely not - that’s the easiest part. you can find the associated fees on your DOS website. if you use a CPA to file for you and get your corporate book and file for you EIN (seperate from filing with state) - make sure they don’t charge too much (anything over 100 bucks is highway robbery). all they do is the basics.

depending on your state where you file, you may or may not have to post a legal notice as part of the requirements for forming LLC.

Thanks for the information. It has been a big help.


I don’t see that the question is that specific. SlikWil could have been asking about the attorney or CPA fee for performing a service. Their professional fees could be as little as $100 or as high as $1500, in addition to the registration fees.

Of course, the state registration fee is probably posted on the State Comptroller’s website or the State Secretary of State website.

i would think that $1500 would be for some form of retainer for overall services. if it’s to register with the state, obtain EIN and corp book - $1500 would be an absolute abomination.

if the $1500 includes the above PLUS some help with the books and legal issues and other helpful information to start out - then maybe that’s not so bad.

I need to raise my rates!