Forming an LLC

Are there any advantages to using an online service, an accountant, or an attorney to form an LLC? From what I have read it sounds pretty easy to form in Virginia by yourself. Recommendations appreciated. Thanks

The only advantage to using a qualified attorney is that your LLC will actually work when you need it. A DIY LLC is just as effective as doing everything in your own name.

If you use a service to do the set up, don’t pay extra for an EIN or expiated service. EINs are free on-line from the IRS and expiated service is just an unnecessary add-on. Some of the services do give you a corporate seal and a nice binder to hold all the entities documents. It’s a nice touch, but don’t pay too much for it.

really all you need the atty for is the operating agreement.

the entity itself is all the same and anyone can file it. the real work is in the operating agreement.

I just made an appt with an atty and he did mention the operating agreement.

Would it also be helpful to talk to an accountant to make sure I am registered with all the appropriate offices and filing the correct forms at the correct time?

The attorney will handle registration. The accountant is needed to tell you the best way to tax the LLC for your situation.

I met with my atty today and got the paperwork taken care of, so I should have my LLC in a couple of weeks. I will then meet with my accountant and get my EIN#

Fast work!

A doer!