Formation of LLC using attorney or online service?

I believe I’m ready to take the plunge!

Does anyone have any input regarding which method (online service or attorney) is preferable when it comes to forming an LLC for REI purposes?

I appreciate the feedback.

Thinking of starting an LLC, read this thread first:;action=display;threadid=13646

Let me ask you, if you get sued, would you prefer using an attorney or an online representation specialist?

Unless you’ve started an LLC or twelve, my money’s on having your attorney set it up for you. Yes, it’s more money, but it’s money well spent because you can rest assured that the LLC is set up correctly. More important, the attorney will probably tell you how to actually maintain the LLC’s paperwork so that it never loses it’s protection.


Sounds logical to me…

Any idea on what it should cost me to have an attorney do it. I just don’t want to get hosed!

The State of Texas raised the rates by $50 this year to create an entity. I believe an LLC is now $300. My CPA charges $50 on top of that to file the paperwork.