Forever Stamps

Can anyone provide information on these new stamps. Seems like it would be a smart idea to buy a large amount of these for the future. Sending out mailings over a long period of time would earn you your money back pretty quick.

It all depends on how big the rate increase will be and in what period of time.

If the next rate increase is 5% and it happens in a year, you’ve earned 5%. Is that enough to make stockpiling stamps worthwhile? I dunno.

Plus, stamps can be so easily lost, damaged, etc., that I don’t think I’d want a lifetime supply sitting around my house.

“Papa, look! I wallpapered my playroom with these! What are they?”

I guess I thought they could be used over and over again multiple times. Duh on my part!!

It’s the government (well, sort of…) - nothing they do is THAT forever!!!