foreign national looking to buy a house

Before i start i want to say this is a great site with lots of info.Well my problem is am a british national visiting the states and would like to buy a property in new york.I would be very grateful if someone can advice on the options available to me.I can come up with 10% downpayment.

Howdy Gab:

The easiest way is to find a seller who will owner finance with the 10% down. It may be difficult otherwise to get financing until you become a citizen with one year residency and credit history. You might want to discuss financing options with a qualified mortgage broker to see what options you may have.

Most of us are down here in Texas. As such we have many foreign nationals or moreso undocumented buyers. There are mortgage lenders that will lend to those people my guess is that there are brokers that know what lenders will do what you want. I would suggest finding a broker through contacts in a NY area REI club.