Foreign Markets PLUNGE as Bear Stearns is SOLD to Morgan for $2/share!!!!

If people can’t afford to rent, then they’re living n the street. The rental properties will do well in tough times as people are losing or selling their expensive homes. Renting is always cheaper than owning when you factor in insurance, taxes & maint. of a home. BUY BUY BUY!! at a huge discount of course.

Bwahhhaaaahaha. That is funny!

Well, the logical answer is “no” do not keep cash as the value of each of your dollars is plummeting by the milisecond. You need to trade in your cash for a hard asset or, what I like better, and INCOME PRODUCING ASSET! Of course a rental property is ideal, but if you don’t have enough cash on hand to get one - buy a vending machine. Heck a gumball machine or two will fight inflation better than cash under your mattress slowly turning into toilet paper.

P.S. The only reason a rental property sits vacant is that the owner is not lowering the asking price of the rent. People will STILL rent because people are largely still employed and making some money. If your rental is empty, it’s because you’re too greedy and won’t rent at or below market rent rates. Get over it and get that sucker rented already!

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All this drama and I’m watching the long side…Go figure…[/i]

I hope someone made some free money on my call to get long…This was the easiest money yet…