New investor aboard.
I’ve been researching the foreclosure market for a few months now and feel comfortable with getting started with rehabbing homes.
My number one question is this…
After I buy a home at auction, if there is a occupant in the home how do I legally take possession of the home?
I know you have to get the financing but lenders want an appraisal on the home.
How is that possible if the appraisor can’t get into the home because of the person that’s already there?
Any methods to this madness! :banghead
All ideas are welcome. Thanks in advance!

depends on your state

I live in Colorado which is a redemption state. the owners have 75 days after the sale to purchase in full

in any case its nice to offer who ever lives there $500 and five days to leave. an eviction will cost u more

Thanks for the reply.
I live in Delaware.
If the occupant doesn’t want to take the money then what other options might I have available?