I live in Mobile Alabama where the recorders office does not list any defaults or when they do there is less than 2 weeks before auction, does any of you know how else to get list?

Hi Mortgagestone,

I’ll trade some information with you, because I am kind of stuck myself. My problem isn’t in finding the pre-foreclosure properties it’s in knowing what to do with them once the home onwer contacts me and wants to sell me their house. You can see my other post on this topic under “Pre-foreclosure advice?”

Anyways, what you can do is advertise that you help people facing foreclosures. Make bandit signs and business cards. Tell everyone you know that you buy houses. Trust me, they’ll come. This way people can contact you instead of you contacting them. Also you may be able to subscribe to a business journal published in your town. I do this and it always has over 30 listings a week. It’s the same info you would get in public records. If you’re really desperate you can subscribe to something like There’s other sites out there. But I’ve had limited success with websites. Generally the info is outdated and you also have to pay. Respond back if you have a remedy for my situation.

I am a dealer and what I have learned is the first thing you should look at before marketing to attract sellers is to have the buyers lined up first. Start with the end in mind. If you are planning on wholesaling or flipping your deals contact all the “We Buy Houses” ads in your local newspaper. Ask what type of properties they are interested in. Keep a file on each investor and their likes and call upon them when you find a deal. There is a great article by Jackie Lange … Beginners’ Quick Flip Primer - Part 1 & 2 at the link below. Hope this helps.

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You would think that all the “WE BUY” ads are investors looking for deals…ie …cheap buys from motivated sellers.

How will you buy cheap and then sell cheap to a “we buy” guy?