Foreclosures listed in newspaper any good?

I am a bird dog. I just want to know if the foreclosure listings in the newspaper are worth forwarding to my investors.

they could be but iam thinking they have all ready been spoted by some one and may be your investors before they hit the papers

Forwarding just a list of foreclosures gives investors an idea of the foreclosure market in that area but as far as it being a deal or no deal, research would have to be done. I get a list of NODs and foreclosures every week, but unless I do research on these properties, the list wouldn’t be worth very much.

Why wouldn’t those be good purchases? You do mean foreclosures from the paper that you investigated and/or know to be a good deal for the investor, right?

Most of that I see are junk listings…meaning they have an 800 number attatched to them which brings you to companies that want you to sign up with them for a monthly fee.


Yeah Nate those monthly fee lists aren’t what I’m referring to. I mean the Notice of Foreclosures in the Legal notices section of the paper. But I’ve got a handle on this whole part. Thanks anyway.

Sounds like your talking about properties going to Sherrif’s sale. Maybe dealing with short sales on those. Hard to birddog those. Good luck,


Nate I’m good, ok. thanks anyway. And no those are not the ones either.

Ummmm…ok. You post questions that you seem to know all the answers to. So why post? Late.

No it’s just that someone had already answered my question. And yes it would be silly to post if I already had the answers. thx.

can you tell us what things out of the newspaper your investors would have beneffitted from you bringing and not getting themselves from their daily papers?