Foreclosures in Europe?

I would like to buy foreclosures in Europe. Anyone know of any resources? Listings? How about listings in English?

The guy

Do you live in Europe? Maybe someone else can add more expertise, but I’ve heard buying out of state is a bad idea. I can only imagine that buying out of country is worse. Maybe I’m wrong…

I imagine every country and even areas within the same country would be very different. Why the desire to go out of the country? Also, keep in mind some countries may have strict restrictions on foreigners buying property. You also may or may not get beat to death on the exchange rate which may make deals even more profitable or way less profitable. Too much added mess on top of an already complicated process.

I am chicochaka.

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Do countries in Europe, within the European Union, have MLS servies? or MLS-like services? I would like a database that shows all houses for sale accross the entire European Union - all bank foreclosures, all regular sales, etc… Does this country have anything like that? I have seen Is mls what I am talking about?

Does anyone know of any possible leads to get information like this? How about a more knowledgeable forum on this topic? A different website perhaps?