Foreclosures in British Columbia

Hi, this is my first post. I have been trying to find this info online and can’t seem to find much so thought I would see if anyone on here had any answers.
I am looking to buy my first home in British Columbia. I am a designer and would like to find a foreclosure at auction that I could get for cheap and then renovate it. We only live in BC for 3 months of the year so we would be renting it out the rest of the time. We would like to just put around 10,000 down and would be utilizing the first time homebuyers program in BC. There wouldn’t be any problems renting in the area we are looking so that isn’t a worry - it’s just finding the right house for us at the right price.
Anyways, my question is - how do I find foreclosure listings/homes that are going up for auction? I phoned the court in BC and they didnt seem to have any clue.
I am new to this but wouldnt there be some sort of place I could get a listing of all the properties going up for auction and the date of the auctions, etc?
Any info would be appreciated :slight_smile: Thanks

Congratulations on being a new investor. I live in the northwest (Washington) and my fiancee lives in British Columbia (Vancouver). The market in BC is good for investing
especially when the 2010 olympics happens.

Go to this site:

If you decide to become a member they can probably help you a lot better with the laws
involving real estate, (It’s somewhat different than in the United States). They can probably solve your questions better then we can. I hope this helps