Foreclosures from the courthouse


New to this. Are courts normally willing to give out a list of foreclosed properties or are they reluctant? If they do, would there be contact information with the list. Would there be a problem calling the individuals in foreclosure, possible driving by to drop of a business card or making an offer on the property? thanks

whatever you do dont use horrible site for me at least. called on many homes and they all were a few weeks to months expired.


 Court records are (usually) public records.  You have a legal right to see public records.  Ask the clerk of court office (some states have different name)  for a list of pending foreclosures.  They will point you at the records you need.   How you should approach the defaulting owner is a debatable matter of opinion.   

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how to you get to a foreclosure prior to the auction sale?

You need to contact the owner and work with them. Until the auction happens, no one else has a legal right to do anything. SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS A$% Don’t waste your time or money on it


Don’t be shy Shadrick…tell us how you really feel!!!

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I went to the sheriff sale yesterday (my first time) and it have alot (hundreds of houses) houses for auction.
I didn’t not bid anything because I don’t know how. I just went there to see how it going.
Is anyone have experiences with SHERIFF SALE or have bought house(s) with them before please give me some rules of it.
Beside the bidding price, what else do I have to pay?
Because most of the house I saw them bid for 8, 9 hundreds to 10 thousands dollars when the market value for that is about 60 - 100 thousand dollars.
I heard them said something about the “UPSET PRICE” or “OFFSET PRICE”, sound something liked that, but I don’t know what that means.
If someone else there have experience with that please give me some advises.