I recently had my house foreclosed. I am still in the house. The real estate person sent by the bank has done her evaluation on the house and now we are waiting for the appraiser to contact me to do their appraisal. My fico scores are low right now because of the foreclosure, even though I have more than enough income to pay the mortgage. I have heard of people who would buy my home back from the bank for me and then lease it to me for a year. Then after the year is over, sell it back to me, making themselves a profit. Does anyone know where I can get in touch with people who do this?

just gonna be brutally honest yes there are some investors that will do this but they are few and far between for one reason you get burned a lot when trying to do this but like you said if you can prove to an investor that you can pay the mort back now something big has changed, i would ask what state are you in?

Hi Loristl,
I’m guessing you are in st louis? send me a private message with some more info, maybe I can help you


I am in New Hampshire