foreclosure with people still in house

Hello All,
I foreclosed on one of MY properties. I had everything done by an attorney. It sold back to me yesterday at the courthouse.

The people wouldn’t contact, answer the phone nor door.

The problem is…they are still in the house!

My attorney says I might have to EVICT!!! Why on earth would I have to evict. It’s MY house, they have no contract for renting.

Anyone have this problem and what was the answer!!

I haven’t received any money on this property since April 06 and I want them OUT!

The problem you have is that squaters have illegally set up camp in one of your homes. Phisically removing squaters has always come with baggage. People tend to believe that you are the “mean landlord”, or “slumlord” if you remove a tennant. They never think about the hardships you are going through, nor the expense you’ve incurred “letting” the tennants stay as long as they have.
You must call the police and have them removed physically. Change the locks once you do this, and throw their things on the front lawn. Make a statement. Don’t let people like that take advantage of your generosity! This is not their home…it’s yours. They are violating your rights.
I’ve seen property owners who have had garage sales with the tennant’s belongings after they ditched them.

write them a certified letter telling them they have to vacate.
Then take a sheriff with you and remove them.

Just as above change the locks asap.

or you can write to them certified and once you know they have it go to the property and wait till they leave then go and get your lock smith to change the locks and put their stuff outside.
If you have a big -ss dog leave it in there for a night or so.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney, this is not legal advise.

In my county, this is the duty of the sheriff. After a foreclosure sale, a deputy sheriff will post a red-tag on the property indicating to the occupants that they must be out by a certain date, or else face physically be taken out, or taken to jail. You may want to try to contact the sheriff department to see if this is the case in your jurisdiction. Changing the locks is also a good idea, as Green already posted.

Thanks to everyone. I had a police officer go with me to the house to post a 3 day or quit.
The people always leave someone in the house and it’s usually a child under 15.
I have all the paperwork to fill out to evict these people and I use the term people lightly. This will cost even more of my money.
I guess I’m just bummed because the people always slid through the loopholes.
I’m talking to the Sheriff tomorrow but my attorney says I have to do it this way and he’s the County Judge (over the Sheriff)
Yeah, it’s a really small town.
Thanks again!