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Can anyone recommend or NOT RECOMMEND a good foreclosure site. I used to use realtytrac, but was not too thrilled with them. Any suggestions?

Everything that I have read and heard tells me that web sites are worthless. They are not updated in real time and by the time they are the properties are not available.

It sounds like the best way to get the information is the old fashioned way of doing the leg work yourself.

How do you do that? I want to go to the courthouse myself but have no idea where to start.
Anyone out there that can tell me who to ask for, what types of records to search, and how this new Maryland foreclosure law may effect any of this?


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I hope I can help. If you can not go to the court house to look for records, try looking on-line. In order to foreclose on a house they have to use the attorneys. Check the websites of attorneys in your state. Some of them have “Sales” or “Bid-Online” on their sites. Also look up:
“The Daily Record Public Notices” website in your state!

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Thanks for the info

I have great success with the local NODs, notice of defaults, in my county. I many cases it states the property location, name of grantor, and what is owed, even the mortgage co.

Good Luck!