Foreclosure Sites

Anyone have any experience in dealing with any foreclosure sites that are actually productive (consistent lead producers)? I did a search of the forum and only found negative comments about some of these sites. Also, does anyone have any advice on how to go about finding preforeclosures at the county clerk’s office? What are the criteria you usually search for when you go there and how productive is it? Thanks.

Why pay some website for info that you can get for free! Check with the banks, easier, cheaper and not old stale lists from two years ago. Or you can talk to a realor ™ in your area, most Foreclosures end up on the MLS.

I’m pretty new to this whole method, you just call up random banks in your area? What do you ask them?

Ask for the REO department, they would know what you are talking about, usually. Whoever manages it will probably, usually refer you to the local Realtor ™ that are handling them. A website that has the VA owned homes are, hud is and bankofamerica, Or just call a local Real Estate Agent, they can email you the list in your area for free!

Thanks, I’ll give all those methods a try.

Sorry to ask, but whats MLS?

Multiple Listing Service