foreclosure services

Hey does anyone know of the most the up to date foreclosure service? I tried realty trac but there information was marginal at best very very very outdated! Would love any and all suggestions along with prices! Thanks for the help!

Have you tried talking to other investors in your area. Usually the best information is local. It seems that the national sites can’t keep up with getting accurate and timely info.

Plain and simple, there is not a good site out there that provides good Pre-foreclosure leads. You will have to work to get them. I recommend joining a local Investor group. That will help you when you want to turn your deals around.

Has any one had any luck with It seems to have some added benefits such as bankruptcy filings over realty trac! Thanks for the help so far!

All the websites that offer leads seem like they would be good to join. I have signed up for their free sign up period to compare their leads up against a public record paper and they failed. They are trying to meet too many markets so they can’t be entirely efficient. It will take work on your part to get your leads. I would spend the money and effort elsewhere. It is just not worth it. Hope that helps. Sheila

If you really want to succeed you need to generate your own leads. Using leads from a service is a terrible way to do things. Not only are you getting old leads but you’re getting the same leads that 1000 other people are getting. I want to be the only guy chasing a lead or one of the few. Marketing can bring you leads that aren’t yet on EVERYONE else’s radar, so can finding dumpy houses and contacting them. Just think, in a large market with a lot of investors how many peices of direct mail per month are making their way into the mailboxes of those NOD filees? 50? 100? Do you REALLY want to be in the middle of that pile? Do you really have a message that sticks out from the others? Probably not. A dumpy house your sending a letter about might not have been noticed by many people so if anyone is actively mailing them there may only be a few people doing it. To wrap it all up I HATE foreclosure lists and think they are a huge waste of money. You need to develop a better plan to find leads that are off the radar.

Thanks a lot for the help, you guys make a lot of sense. I do have other ways of marketing, but they are all more conventional signs,website, ads, postcards all of that jazz. I am looking to do something outside the box. Anybody do anything with the probate courts?

I subscribe to Lately, I’ve been advertising I can help people avoid foreclosures on Craigslist and I am getting replies from distressed homeowners. Try something similar.

Craigslist works really well and so does the traditional marketing via signs etc. My most successful form of advertising is using done through referrals and word of mouth. Are you a part of a local networking group? And I don’t only mean a REIA but a chamber of commerce or bni (business networking international). As an investor it really helps to network with other professionals who meet a lot of people. Some professionals that are really great to get on your side are a title company, bankruptcy attorney, home inspector, contractor, landscaper, postal worker, mortgage broker , financial planner, and the list continues. You end up getting a lot of referrals from these types of people because their client [i]trusts [i] them.

Market to 30/60/90 lists. There info is not public record like NOD’s. You will be one of the first to contact them if not the only investor.

Some suggestions for you. It really depends where in the country you are. Foreclosures Daily has pretty good info but it is limited to specific areas.

One suggestion is to speak to probate lawyers in the area and see who is doing their research at the court house. Perhaps you can work a deal with this person to research local foreclosures for you.