Foreclosure Script

I am just getting started working with pre-forclosure properties. I am contacting by phone those that I am able to find listings for and find that I am having a hard time getting the call started. Does anybody have a script they would be willing to share that has worked well for contacting pre-forclosure owners? The jump-start would be greatly appreciated. :-\

Howdy EcicD:

To me a script seems phony and it shows to the owner as well. I guess I have seen too much door to door sales pitches but that is what it sounds like to me. Just be sincere and let the folks believe that you are really trying to help them get out from a bad situtation.

They are hard to talk to even if you can find them. They are going thru hard times and will not even admit it to you or themselves a lot of times. They just lost their job or spouse or are just over their heads and need some help. You could offer to help them in any way you can. I am becoming very successful by truly trying to help others here at this club find ways to not make the same mistakes I did in real estate investing. My helping others was my only goal. I do not own the club and am only a member like you with a lot of bad experience, mostly or even all my fault. I just want to share this and help others. My doing this has boosted my moral and I am doing deals that I thought I could never even do with my credit. If you can get that same feeling and let it gleem from you I know you will have an esay time helping owners solve theit problems and at the same time getting some good deals for yourself. Spend some time helping someone in foreclosure that there is no way you would ever buy their house. Offer to help by loaning them you truck and even help them move. Maybe find them another house or apt. That helping from your heart will pay you big dividends. Ask for nothing and you get nothing. Give nothing anf you get nothing in return. Give your all and you will get boundless amounts in return. I can not even believe I just wrote that without even thinking about it. It must be coming from something or somewhere bigger than me. Anyway hope me mumbo jumbo helps some.

Hey Tedjr,
That kind of advice will make you a millionare. Thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: