Foreclosure Q's

For investors who seek foreclosures, what service can I use to find these properties?

A good local realtor.


in NY - Long Island - Suffolk County - that’s me! (if this gets edited for “self-promotion” - that’s so cheezy).

Well, it was kinda ‘shameless’! But, at least you knew that it was wrong…so at least we’re making some progress!

I’m gonna let it go for your honesty!



I just found out about this stuff today…check it out

Where are you located?

Located in Boston. Thanks for the websites. I’ll check them out today.

I’m also in Boston

registry of deeds suffolk county (online) (meets this Thurs)

Anyone have a good site for Montgomery County Maryland?

Roy Kelley, with Remax Realty Group in Gaithersburg has an email notification list for Montgomery County foreclosures.

Send Roy an email at and ask to be put on his distribution list for the Montgomery County Foreclosures. The service is free. Roy only asks that you use him or one of his agents if you want to make an offer on a property from his list.

Google foreclosures and you will find the pot of gold. There FSBO foreclosures online, listed with a realtor, they are everywhere.

Hi, if you get your foreclosures from the same source as everyone else, get what? You are never going to get anywhere because of the intense competition.

The best way to find foreclosures is to have foreclosures find you!

Align yourself with a company or person that provides help for people who want to stay in their homes, and stand back! Homeowners in foreclosure will beat down your doors. Make some money by helping people stay in their homes or make money by helping them get rid of them.