foreclosure & preforeclosure investors..what tools would help your business?

hey guys. i’m sure most of you are like me and have said numerous times (while sending mailers, researching, or entering user data etc.). “if only i could automate this”, “if i had a tool to ____ it would save so much time”, or “if there was a way to____”.

if you could obtain a tool or service that would help your improve, increase productivity, or free up your time in your preforeclosure/foreclosure system…what would it be?

i myself have been constantly improving my preforeclosure system. for me the next addition would be a secretary to map out my weekend door knocking expeditions for my gps software ;]

…at any rate. lets hear yours!


Automated feed of notices of default and scheduled trustee’s sales from county.

Automated pull of all outstanding liens on each of the above and determination of seniority.

Estimated valuation of property based on recent sales in area.

Simple calculation on all of the above to determine whether equity exists from standpoint of foreclosing DOT.

That’d be nice for a start …

I Built one…

Michael Quarles

mike, please share what it is that you created and how it helped your rei business productivity ;]


I do not like to spam the forum so please send me an email and I will be happy to send you a whole bunch of ideas on how to automate many of the processes in your business.

One thing I will tell you. To route yourself for door knocking get Streets and Trips from Microsoft. It will plot your route automatically and download it to your GPS. Much cheaper than a secretary.

i sent you a PM dick.

as far as gps…i use streets n trips. i just want the secretary to load it up and do the mapping for the homes to be visited that week :wink: