Foreclosure Over


Found a property that the owners have more or less walked away from, they got a messy divorce after the renovations failed on the property, its been empty for a few years. The Penna court docket shows it as a default judgment. I had made an offer on the property in July with no reply from the bank at all. Any direction on this? Anything I can do at all?

I will answer this more in detail in the morning. Its 1 am and I hope this makes sense to you. Yes if you know who the lender is and if the property has already gone through the Foreclosure. Call the REO Department and they will inform you on who to contact on the property.

I agree.

Depending on the bank, your efforts to locate the REO department will vary.

The bigger the bank, the more layers you have to go through.

Once you have made contact with the REO department, just find out who’s handling the file
and start your negotiation for the property at that point.