A while ago I found a post that mentioned outsourcing SS to Foreclosure Negotiations aka chateau commercial. I tried to contact FN, but phones are disconnected?? Is this company still around?? Pls help,

Wow. yet ANOTHER one eh?

ShortSales only, and now this company (that I’ve never heard of)

That’s too bad. I’ve made the same offer to people from this board, and locally, that I would negotiations with lenders for them, but apparently people would rather use someone with a fancy website. lol

The offer is still out there to REI Club members only. PM me for details, as I don’t want to advertise on the site or anything, but I would be open to helping people talk to the lenders for you.


Foreclosure Negotiations is something Matt Does on the side as a hobby. He’s one of the officer of our company. I asked him about it and he said his login no longer worked and he hasn’t had time to create a new account because of his duties with Chateau. I just called him to tell him someone was asking about him. I think he’ll be back in here soon.

I can negotiate a short-refi or short-sale for you. I am also a broker that specializes in foreclosure bailouts in all 50 states. Let me know if I can be of any assistance.
Thank you,
Loren Gingerich

Sounds like someones feelings are a little hurt… But thank you for thinking my website is fancy. Although I am far from being a professional, web design is another hobby of mine. I like to think Foreclosure is one of my personal best. Perhaps one of these days I’ll have a real web designer make it look prettier for me. Funny this came up, I had gone back to working on the site last week to fix broken links and update info due to a web host change.

I’m honored that I made enough of an impression for some of you to remember me this long later. I’ve been pretty busy this year. I no longer am assisting the volume of people I was last year simply because I do not have the time. But I am still answering questions and giving guidance for those who ask.

Short Sales have become interesting this year. Some banks have reacted to their high foreclosure rates by trying to play hard ball when it comes to short sales while others are counting their blessings and taking what they can get. With all the banks shutting their doors these days the ones who are left fall into one of these two paths.

I’m glad I figured out my login name so I didn’t have to create another account. I’ll try to be a little more active again. Talk to you soon!


lol I never even saw your site, or knew who you are. Don’t take my comments personally bro, but you’re the 3rd or 4th company I’ve seen posts like. “Where are yoU” “SS Only closed?” “what happened to my short sale…?” etc. I understand how busy you can get by starting a company such as that, which IS one reason I don’t have a “fancy website” :slight_smile: I didn’t mean to single you, or anyone else out, only commented that it seems to happen a lot (companies disappearing after too many short sales come in) and that I would help out REI Club members in the same fashion if needed.

Good luck, and I hope you didn’t take offense to my comments!