Foreclosure must sell :help

hi I’m Eric,
how do I sell a house after I did the negotiation part with bank? ( I believe I have 30 days to sell it ) do I have to listed with a real estate company?

                                                                                                       Thank You   :help

Using a realty service can give your home more exposure and may help you sell the home a lot quicker than you might on your own. Make sure you find one that is familiar with ss.


You really should build up a buyers list before you get the house. You can list with realtor, or use a flat rate MLS listing service.
Also, hold your own open houses, use

Talk to everyone you know and let them know you have a house for sale. Network like crazy!

During the SS negotiation process you should be looking for potential investor’s. Get an investor’s list, network at REI clubs, list it w/agent who is familiar w/SS.

Do you guys list the properties with realtor even before the BPO is done? Wouldn’t it hurt the BPO if they see its currently for sale for much more than your offering. Any tips around this?

You wait until after the BPO. If possible, sell the home fsbo until the BPO has been completed. Be aware of when the BPO is - timing is everything.


You can always request an extension, i know with FHA SS, they can extend it upto 90 days