Foreclosure Lists??

Maybe this discussion has already been posted in another thread, but can anyone point me in the right direction…

I want to sign up for a service that provides information on foreclosures in my area. Is there anybody out there who’s using them and if so, what are the sites? I’ve heard of and it looks like they have some decent info. Are there any others out there worth checking out. Just looking for some direction and the good, bad, and ugly with these kind of services. I’m willing to pay for quality. Thanks in advance for your replies.

There are more ways to find foreclosures than you could imagine. Contact your local county records office and ask them how your county gets rid of them. Most likely they are posted somewhere for public to view. i recently discovered that all the big banks have their own website for foreclosures. Call and ask them for it. here are some I’ve found.

You can also type in free foreclosure and you’ll have many chioces,most will give you a week free trial. I use realtytrac myself but I have do not rely on them soley nor do I rely on their info. GOOD LUCK