foreclosure listings

Is there any “free” foreclosure listings out there. All the websites that I have run across are looking for a charge. Anyone have experience in dealing with the courthouse and finding these listings. If anyone has experience please fire away. Thanks,


One web site you can check out would be…I am also new to REI and I signed up for and i’ll tell you that it was worth it. Hope this helps.

I appreciate those links. Keep me updated on the other one. Anyone else out there have good links that have foreclosure listings?


I checked out the realtytrac website. Very impressed with what I saw. Actually seemed to be at a nice price as well. Most that I have seen have been for 10 bucks a week where this is at 30 bucks a month. Thanks again!

If you are looking at foreclosed property, ie REOs, then just find a RE agent that you like working with and have them pull 'em up for you.

Practically all foreclosed homes are listed on the MLS now, so any agent with access can make you a list of them in your area and it doesn’t cost you a thing.


Agreed. Met one today and had a great conversation about our market and foreclosures. She sent me some websites via e-mail for me to search and on Monday we are going to go through some homes that have been foreclosed on. So I may have lucked out on that one.