Foreclosure listings? (several questions)

I am considering different listing services on the internet. I am interested in the Houston Texas area mostly.

there are several nationwide services that seem to be OK. I wanted one with more info though. Has anyone tried around and feel they’ve found one service better then others?

could you PM me and tell me which one it is?

Is there a service that would list liens against the property or do we always have to do a title search before we try and buy?

thank you

David Barnes

Have you tried

thanks but I am only interested in the houston market right now.

They are located in The Woodland area and serve Houston.
Check it out at

yes they do. Thanks for your help man - I really appreciate it

Good luck to you.
Go bag a couple…Cha-Ching!

does any one know how I can get a free lis pendens for new york city?

Try It seems alright.