Foreclosure Listing Services

How do these listing services get their data and where from? I figure there must be a way for an individual to do it as well, rather than pay the $40 or $50 for the monthly list.

:-\Millions to choose from, don’t pay that fee. Some offer a free 7 day trial membership, which is ok if you keep track of every sight you signed up for. I recently started my real estate research on this stuff. Come to find out, our County Sherriff’s Dept holds the Auctions and the Notice of Sales are posted in public library, as well as put in the local newspaper. Keep in mind this is small town Wisconsin, but the fact that it is public record remains the same and should be available via local government. Our county even has the listings on-line, but no price/balance/starting bid involved. And one more note, because the foreclosure can be stopped/delayed any time up to the auction, only 2 of the 12 houses listed that I drove around to scope out ended up on the auction that morning.

I’m talking about the preforeclosure listings that you can order. These come out before they’re even printed in any public notice.

I have found that I get better listings and more current than the online one’s, by calling and also going down to all the title companies. I have most of the title companies emailing me every week. I have found that I get the names and address before the online ones. Some don’t like to do this, but very few.

Hope this helps!!!

if u dont mind…
can u tell me what kind of listing title companies has ? is preforeclosure or after foreclosure process ?
if title companies dont show the listing then who else has it :slight_smile:

Sure there are ways for you to do it yourself… but who has the time? Sorry for the flip remark, but thats a lot of work. For argument sake, if you are going to lone wolf it, I would call your County Clerks office and just flat out ask them:

  1. Is there a service, website, newspaper, or location that posts recent foreclosure notices.

  2. What’s the easiest way to do a real property records search for their county (and do they charge a fee for access)

I’d take another shot at finding a listing service first, though. If you steer clear of ‘National’ listing services you should be okay. Only go to local sites with a focused market. I use which are usually 95% - 100% accurate. If your not from Dallas, try one of these links:

Good luck!

I have used FARES and for $50 a month I think I get a good deal…Usually I get about 600+ leads a month from 4weeks to 1 week old…And to piggyback off of the last post, to me it’s well worth it…You can save the $40-50 bucks and go and look up the data yourself but for the 3hrs of time it will take, plus the gas cost to and from, it ends up being a wash…And plus if you are mailing postcards FARES, as do most format the labels for you…If I had to leave my kitchen table weekly to do this, I would go nuts

So, where can I get this preforeclosure listing service for $40 or $50? Thanks.

If you look in the R.E marketing forum there are tons of threads comparing the different services…I just prefer the fares…hopes this helps


Don’t pay for those leads! They get them from public records and they are old.

Best way is to get public records is from legal newspapers who publish all local public record acitivity.

If you are in a small area and don’t have a legal paper, your local newspaper publishes legal notices.