Foreclosure Letter

VS. “Distressed Property” Letter.

Obiously the two should be worded differently. Not wanting
to offend someone who just does not take care of there
property. Any examles of how a letter to an owner of a
dumpy looking property might be worded??

Also, if I am approaching them they might think there
piece of…property is actually worth more and try
to negotiate a higher price.

I found two dumpy, possibly vacant properties that I researched
in public tax records. Got owners names and would like to start

Any thoughts.

Blue Star Homes, Inc.
P.O. Box 85064
Fort Wayne, IN 46885


Let me get right to the point:

We buy houses fast!

We are not realtors and we do not want to list your house, we want to buy it. We are private investors that purchase homes in the Fort Wayne area. In most cases we can close in only a few days. We can pay cash quickly or even take over your payments. We can help you to STOP FORECLOSURE!

We can handle:

  • Pretty Houses
  • Ugly Houses
  • Trashed Houses
  • Little or no Equity

Whatever your real estate problem is we can work with you to come up with creative solutions. If you would like to get this property sold quickly and easily without spending any more money then we look forward to your call.


Jared Christiansen
Blue Star Homes, Inc.

That’s my letter to any prospective seller. Feel free to use whatever you would like out of that. Hope this helped.