Foreclosure Letter

I am new to the investing business and I am trying to create a foreclosure letter but don’t not know what to say to the home owner. Does anyone have any advice on this subject? What I should say in my letter?


hello Irod,

I prefer postcards, its short and to the point… but here is an example of a letter… your more than welcome to use it!!

Dear (Name),

I can stop your foreclosure in less than 7 days by buying your house for cash. I will try to create a solution to put cash in your pocket fast as possible… while saving your precious credit rating you have worked so hard for.

If you do nothing, just hoping for a miracle to happen, the county will sell your home at Public Auction - Meaning, your house could be sold 25% - 50% below value. Don’t allow that to happen! I have a money solution that will allow you to rebuild your future, but you must act now. Time is your worst enemy… don’t be embarrassed or humiliated by a lender who cares nothing about your situation.

I’ve been in similar situations myself; yet nobody seemed to lend a helping hand. I want to provide that helping hand to you by supplying knowledge, cash and our ability to keep those annoying creditors from houding you!

Here’s what happens when you call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx

  • I (or my assistant) will answer the phone and ask you several questions about your home to evaluate your income potential.
  • We will need to set up a time to visit your home and discuss our proposal with you.
  • We can communicate with your lender…they will deal directly with us…we have the cash to handle past-due payments.

This can be done in one visit, but you must call me to begin this communication process. Simply call me at (xxx) xxx-xxxx, anytime day or night. If I’m out, just leave a message. You can walk away free and clear with cash for a fresh start! I feel most people are skeptical for one major reason… they have been given empty promises in the past. That’s why I offer this written guarantee:

My Guarantee To You:
If you get a better offer - more beneficial than my own proposal, I will concel our contract even if I’ve already begun the evaluation process.

You be the judge. How can you lose? Your indecision may cost you thousands of dollars, if your property is sold at public auction.

Make this a turning point in your life. Just reach for the phone and diel (xxx) xxx-xxxx. I can help you!


(Your name)

PS: When you call me, Rest assured that all calls are kept 100% confidential and you are under absolutely no obligation - In other words, you won’t be getting a hard sell. You can have cash in as little as 10 days.

Have fun with it!! LOL


You should keep it simple! Don’t give too much information in the letter.

If you give too much info before they talk to you directly they will not respond in most cases. It doesn’t take much to overwhelm homeowners in foreclosure.

Just let them know that you can help the with their foreclosure. The key is to motivate them to call you so you can let the know what their options are and what you can do for them.

Exactly, Like I said, i prefer Postcards… Short and to the point!!! I personally think letters are a gamble…


Postcards don’t have to be opened to be read. But you don’t want to talk about foreclosure on a postcard.

I agree keep it short and simple . The wording in the letter is superb but you might want to use just parts of it.

Make the letter look like it is a personal letter… no typewritten address. Hand Address the letter and if possible make it an odd sized envelope… no legal looking stuff… they are already overwhelmed. Make it look like an invitation… your letter will get opened not shoved to the side like the letters from the bank or mortgage company.

Provide a convenient way for the homeowner to call you back. Include in your letter an assurance to the homeowner that everything will be kept strictly confidential.

People in foreclosure don’t want their neighbors to know they are having problems. that’s the only problem with postcards

Good Luck To You