Foreclosure letter and business cards

Does anyone on here use the handwritten approach or the professional typed letter to send to homeowners in default? Do you guys keep your letters to one page or?

Also, i know some investors do leave their business cards in the envelope and some don’t, what do you guys prefer?

San Diego is tough right now. Too few with equity to go around so we’re trying anything and everything to try to have an edge. My advice is to try them all. If you’re in a hot market you may have to increase your marketing 2, 4, even 8 times what everyone else is doing.

You really have to think outside the box on selling in hotter markets. The font on your letters don’t matter as much as the content itself. Do something that will make yourself stand out from everyone else who is mailing to these folks and you’ll get the call before your competitors.

i think you should handwrite on the outside of a bright color envelope, and type a 1 page letter that gets to the point