foreclosure leads?

i’m completely a newbie when it comes to foreclosures. and i’m having a lot of difficulties starting out my quest…

i’m in new york. i went to the courthouse today for the first time, and i got really confused about the searches. they didn’t have a list with all the properties that are going on foreclosure. they told me to search properties by block and lot number on the computer. but if i don’t know what houses are going on foreclosure, how can i search for them?

fortunately, i prepared a little list of a few dozen properties at home before i left, and i had the block and lot infos too… so i started searching for these properties, and got totally confused. some of them had no data in the system, some of them had no foreclosure docs just a bunch of other liens, and some of them had foreclosure data from years and years ago… and the computer didn’t give me any details.

so whats the right way of doing all of these searches? where can i get a good and up to date list from? i saw many sites over the net that offer these lists. but are they really worth it to pay for? i was told that the best source is the courthouse itself. how can i find notice of defaults / lis pendens first hand?

i’m lost. any help is appreciated.

I’m not from New York so can you tell me which County you are in?

brooklyn, which is kings county.

Yeah, I tried to look up your County’s website and either they got nothing or it’s tough as nails to find the Recorders office there online. But that’s where I look in my County.

From what I understand NYC tends to run on the acris system which files properties under a “grid” sort of systems only using block and lots (which i guess makes more sense then names with all the people there). try looking through “”. It may not be the most informative but it’s usually pretty decent with info as I use it at work to verify information. I don’t remember off hand if kings county is online but if that doesn’t work try that should give some possible mailing information and general tax and possibly sale info for your properties. It’s a bit hit and miss though. If I get any info for kings county within the next couple days I will let you know.

thanks i’ll check those out.

n604 i’m having the same problem in louisiana. went to the courthouse and they looked at me like i was stupid when i asked where to find the list of lis pendens. i don’t know what to do besides try one of those pay sites online.

i guess in brooklyn a lot of people have been looking for these lists, because at the courthouse there was a huge sign “we dont have lists of foreclosures, don’t ask for it”,…

yeah i’ve seen those pay sites too… but a lot of them are pretty late with the leads… which ones are the best ones ?

All the ones I"ve came across have free 7 day trials so I guess it won’t hurt to atleast try them. Haven’t tried yet but is only 3.95 a month. We’ll see.

check your local newspaper…advertising has worked some what well for me

From my experience, those pay sites are not as accurate as getting the list from your local County Recorders Office.

I’ve tried using a list from a pay site and found a guy that was 3 months behind. When he actually called me and talked with me, he said that he actually solved his issue 6 months ago!!!

If there is even one single error on the list, it makes me hesistant to waste any more money and get anymore properties from them because you don’t know if an address you pull up is accurate or inaccurate.

Thank God though, that I can just look up the actual dates of N.O.D.'s at my County’s website so I just print out a list for a given month and I can calculate from there how many days EXACTLY they are in default.

If you guys go to, you can click on any state then any city, county, town for your particular state and go to their website and look for their Recorders office and hopefully they will have an online list for N.O.D.'s for you.

Rkim… I am also from California and looking for foreclosures. I went to the link you provided but I can’t seem to find what I am looking for. All I need is the list of properties in my area that are close to or in Default. TIA for your response

Which county are you in?

“Yes, all lis penden’s are filed public record. These records are filed in the Clerk of Courts office, which is in the Courthouse. You can search by name only not by date.”

This is an e-mail I got from the courthouse…so if I can only search by name i’m S.O.L. in that regard. Just would have to advertise I suppose.

shaun, what county are you in?

East Baton Rouge Parish

I don’t see a east baton rouge parish. I see a east baton rouge city and a west baton rouge parish.

it’s definitely east baton rouge parish… ebr city would probably take you to the same thing.

I am in the foreclosure business .The easiest way is to hook up with a title rep if you are a loan broker