Foreclosure laws against Investor/Mortgage Brokers in FL?


I am a licensed mortgage broker and investor. I have bought and sold 3 foreclosure properties in the past year before I became licensed as a mortgage broker here in Florida. Will my mortgage broker license create problems for me just like the issues one would run in to having a real estate agent license and being an investor?

I have not heard of any issues with having the mtg license combined with being an investor. (Ex: disclosures etc.) I just want to make sure.

I always let the homeowner know that I am buying the property below what it is worth and that I intend on selling it for a profit.


I am new to investments as well. What are the restrictions to being a real estate agent and also an investor? I had planned on getting my r.e. license in the next few months and I am currently doing a ton of research on all types of investment strategies. This site has become a great tool and would appreciate any advice on this.


My husband and I are beginning re investors in fl. My understanding is that if I get licensed I can represent my husband as long as I disclose that I am licensed and am representing him. If I am incorrect let me know.