Foreclosure Consultant paying for Qualified Leads

I am a Foreclosure Consultant with Consolidated Solutions Group, LLC I am looking for qualified foreclosure leads through Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Bankers, etc. Please email me at

Hi Antoinette,

Don’t be too surprised if the moderators jerk your post. Blatant spam don’tcha know.

thank you, I am not try to sell just want to network with real estate professionals and investors. Maybe I should have worded it better.

What does your Company do?

From their ‘press release’…

Consolidated Solutions Group, LLC. “CSG” is a nation-wide Foreclosure Consulting firm based out of Humble, Texas. CSG offers foreclosure advice and solutions to homeowners who are in financial distress and facing foreclosure.

Antoinette Brown is… judging from the name… just a girl who signed up as a ‘CSG Referral Agent’. If she funnels any leads to CSG that result in CSG making any money they’ll toss some of it to her. So, essentially, she is asking you to do her work for her… I know this doesn’t sound too good… so she can make some money. CSG is looking for more suckers… er… uhm… ‘referral agents’… who will funnel prospects to them so that they can make money and throw the dog… er… uh… ‘referral agent’… a bone… I mean commission… for the referral.

Hope this helps. Yes, I am WAY too cynical.