Question, has anyone had any success of using this website…I’m curious to know if I am wasting my time or not…There is alot of info on this site but you cant contact the owner because there is no phone #…I try to look owners up by white pages but alot of owners are not listed…Can someone tell me if they have had any luck with this site? Thanks

Phone numbers are optional. If they are available thru the bank, then they will be posted in addition to the other info. Its up to you to figure out how to contact the HO. Use skip tracing firms, google the phone number, use websites like etc. Me I would prefer they contact me, that shows that they are motivated and sticking their head in the sand. thats my 2 cents.

I tried it for three months … it has only a fraction of the homes going to foreclosure in any given month … at least for the metro atlanta area … when i look at the foreclosure attorney web sites and they have more information than, I figured I’ve been wasting my money