foreclosure business survey

Of those that are doing foreclosures and short sales…

what is your average profit per deal

average home price in your area

time it takes to do that deal (go thru the short sale profit)

how many deals per month are you doing on average

how have those numbers changed over the last 6 months with the market



6-8 weeks average 14 weeks longest


There’s a sticky one. This is income tax time, so a lot of people in trouble have a nice check from Uncle Sam to bail themselves out, so this is a quiet time of year. It’s a waiting game.

I am very analytical in my approach to valuation and making SS offers and I often would like to know other people’s experiences, where they are working and which lenders and what are the results.

I am going to put together a Short Sale Survey website where we can all go anonymously report results of SS deals and a database would be kept open for everyone so they can search past results and hopefully improve future results.

Hopefully you guys will all participate. I’ll post something soon to get some feedback.