Foreclosure Bulk buying

I was a foreclosure consultant for over 10 plus years and I’ve worked with several financial institutions over the years establishing very valuable relationships. With that being said I have been introduced to some very valuable packages of highly discounted foreclosed properties but they are being sold only in bulk. It has been a challenge finding true investors and or investor groups that would like to capatilize on this opportunity. Does anyone have suggestions on finding true buyers and not chains of brokers that screw up the entire process? The example of what I get from my bank contacts is a $7BI portfolio of Nationwide REO’s being sold at .30/1.00. or 150MI all CA REO package at .56/1.00. This is a great deal for the more saavy investor. It is just a challenge finding true buyers. The banks run when dealing with someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that knows the actual buyer. No one gets paid and the deal is dead but most of all the bank contact is lost for introducing the chaotic mess. Thanks for any input.

I am looking to buy some small pools like you describe and I have a client where I am the only broker doing the same thing in WA.


I’ve read hundreds of posts like this one, and most of it isn’t true YET.
As far as I know REO Packages usually dont allow individual escrows, they want 1 escrow for the entire package, so these deals are usually for the big guys.
If your contacts allow individual escrows, let me know, I know of a group of buyers.

I have been looking for someone DIRECT who has bulk pkgs. I am looking specifically in New York -Suffolk County Only. I have 8.5 million and could provide you with proof but let me know what pkgs consist of please… Thank YOU.Louise

Top Level, I belong to a nation wide investment community that is able to handle exactly what you’re looking for. I can put you in contact with with the correct people. Look forward to working with you!

I have a group of investors here in New York that is actively looking for a package like this. The problem is ,there are a lot of these list circulating in New York which has scared off a lot of investors. My group has funds to handle a package like this and would be more than willing to send proof of funds to you within 24hrs. Our market is New York five boroughs. Could you send me more info so I could present it at ournext meeting. Thank you Henderson