Foreclosure Bailout or sale w/ $1mil!

Looking for hard money lender for a foreclosure bailout for income producing property w/ $1 mil (yes, $1mil!) equity. Would also quicksale gifting that equity! Just need help quick! Sale date is next Friday! Had it sold but buyer backed out and left us hanging! Note holder will allow assumption to stop sale with a bonifide buyer, no qualifications, just buy me out with some cash!!! Quick!! If anyone is looking for a deal, this is it. Desperation has set in and just need a quick solution, or all equity will be lost! A great deal for someone that can take on a Jumbo with huge instant equity! Have a 100 page commercial appraisal available to qualified interested individuals. Property is located in Western Washington state, operating as a Horse farm with history of producing income and debt servicing itself, financials available. Residence, 37 acres, 28,000 sqft of buildings on site! Development potential and $100k timber on property.

If it’s a deal and not a scam why do you have to state that? Usuallys scams and bad deals will say “It’s a Deal” or “It’s not a scam”. Oh yea the location and numbers would be nice too.

I am always looking for hardmoney properties if they fit my criteria for lending. I would possibly be interested in purchasing if I had more details? I am in Washington state. I need details of the property, if it is free and clear besides the note holder, is it income producing property, if so what is it, a proforma, tax returns ets? Depending on these deals I can move money within 10-60 days depending on the size and amount.